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Exchange students from CUIT College of Logistics invited to China Day of the 22nd European Financial Week in Germany

December 11, 2019  clicktimes:[]

On November 20, the opening ceremony of the 22nd China Day of the European Financial Week and the China EU international exchange(CEINEX) financial market forum were held in Frankfurt, Germany. Wu ken, Chinese ambassador to Germany , Rudolf Scharping, Former German defense minister, Stephan Bredt, minister of Hesse-Darmstadt Ministry of Economy, Energy and Transportation, and Andreas G, chief executive of DFV European Financial Group. Scholz, Chen Han, CEO of CEIBS, executive director of Deutsche Bundesbank, Burkhard Balz, as well as more than 1,000 political, business and academic representatives attended the event which include the National Development and Reform Commission, the Bank of China, CCB and Air China. Lei Hongyu and Lyu Simin, exchange students at the Bathumburg University of Applied Technology in Germany were invited.



The theme of the China Day of the European Financial Week is the future of finance and banking, including issues of currency and economy, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, infrastructure financing, e-commerce, international logistics and supply chains. As a student representative, Lei Hongyu attended a symposium on the impact of digitization on agriculture and gave a speech at the conference. Based on Lei Hongyu's speech, a senior expert from the German banking industry said that the policy guidance in the development of the financial industry has been very effective in promoting digital technology in modern agriculture, and shared Germany's efforts to finance agricultural development. The related topic has aroused the interest of many experts and scholars, and launched a heated discussion.

Lei Hungyu and Lyu Simin were the first two exchange students selected byCUIT College of Logistics after CUIT signed the agreement with Bathumburg University of Applied Technology in Germany in 2019. Under the assistance and guidance of the German partner university, they actively participated in learning discussions and various exchange activities to enhance and expand their professional competence and international horizons. The two students mentioned that they have gained a lot by participating in this large-scale international conference, discussing and exchanging with experts and scholars from the Chinese and European political circles, business circles and academia. It is of special significance for them to participate in the international financial conference with Chinese government. They felt extremely proud of the growing strength of China.